Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teddy House

Teddy Bear 
Do you love teddy Bear guys?
If me , Yes I' do..

Guys i want your help to like my Teddy Bear Photo Contest @TeddyHouseIndonesia 's page

May you? ones of your like means more for me ^^ 

1st: Like Teddy House Indonesia's Fanpage first http://www.facebook.com/teddyhouseind
2nd: Klik this photo and Like  it http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150565269603601&set=a.10150555395898601.370920.125306598600&type=3&theater

Thankss.. <3

Cause I really love Teddy Bear :D I have 10 of them but now only left 6 casue 4 of them i gave when Someone's birthday like my friend or my far cousin when they come  to visits me then they take home.. -____-
Ughhh... I really want the GIANT one hahaha

I believe every Teddy it has soul inside hhihii :D


  1. good luck for the contest :) nice photo
    following you , follow back ?


    1. Hai Thankyou ya...

      Ok i'm following you backkk
      have a twitter? follow me there tooo @cindyanjells

      Thankyou ^^

  2. Oh,, I love teddy bear too. Good luck for you. :)

    do you love 2PM too dear? I guess you love nickhun right? I'm a HOTTEST too, haha.. *tos!

    come to my blog and we can follow each other if you mind to. :)

    kelimutu from Garten Paradise


Thankyou for the Lovely Comments ^^