Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Joyeux Noël


New christmas outfits post 
I wore this last night 
Nothing to share, just enjoy the photo

excuse my long bangs :D
No time for saloon this few days hahaa

here ---> A Little Princess

Monday, December 17, 2012

C.L's Christmas Wishlist

So Santa is coming to town?
I hope Santa may stop in my mind and see my wishlist :D
thenn... Make them come true!!

This time i back with a lots a lots of Christmas Wishlist 

1st I just joined HGM's blog giveaway , it's famous Cindy Karmoko's blog 
I have searched that kind of Jil Sander Veiled Beanie everywhere before, then i saw it at CK's blog surprised me she DIY it by herself anddd surprisingly she made it one for her blog giveaway
So not to think twice i joined it.
Before i just wanna contact her to sold it for me , cause i have totally fall with them 

Here is the author of HGM's blog with her veiled beanie
The Author

......a little sneak peek for my Christmas Wishlist.....

It's from my Pinterest
you can check them all here ---> Christmas Wishlist

In another side i also have a goal want to reached in this 2013 

-the 1st is my health ( oh God please )
-2nd is my family (always healthy)
-3rd My next stop can it be Paris or Japan?
-4th Iphone5 or (5s maybe)
- 5th own new Dslr camera pleasee dadyy
-6th Really want go to Fashion Collage , like Lasalle I know its to early cause i'm not graduated this year . Still have a 3rd grade to finish
-7th Own car and make a driving license , so no need my daddy and driver anymore :D
-andd the last one is .... my ranks in class  (I hope I'm in the top 10) please God!!! 
pass my exams easily , don't have any remedial or red mark 

Here is some of my Instagram photos, follow me @cindyhvk

This below is a little Christmas ornaments which i have addicted since i was a 8y.o girls :

so cute! #PACOI

Which one did you love it?
Personally I choose Chanel one and Louis Vuitton one 

One sad news here my chance to have a Upend and Stinger spike is GONE! 

Really frustrated me my dream Jeffrey Campbell Stinger Spike in gold and Upend is sold out everywhere (solestruck also)
they out of stock or no my size 
damn right? hhaa
Long wait until my daddy promised my this shoes
before my dad said ok it's your Christmas present i will buy them to you and cause i'm not abroad this holiday
so they are my present...
they run of stock very fast huhh~~

but they reward me a Celine Trapeze, an ALexander McQueen ring clucth (it's not the ori one ><)
and a Paris Hilton purses

Happy? not really cause my dream is having two of those JC shoes >,<

Then, bye-bye all
my Kdrama is waiting me :D
Now i'm in finishing my Innocent man and I miss you drama
Did you have any korean drama or taiwan drama to suggest me to watch?


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jeju Rock

I'm Back :D
Sorry for the hiatuss
back to my holiday post last August again *sorry*

I was really tired that day , i still remember 
that day we have a far journey till we reach Kangwon area
Really love this place cause finally I can smell a fresh air and weather, here's too cold cause it's highlands and it's calls "Kangwon Highland"
Lucky us, we can go up the mountain by gondola *like cable car* before it's raining hard cause if there was raining the gondola can't be use anymore.
I will post the view in the next post :D 

 I remember, I went to bed at 11 oclock then woke up at 5 a.m in the morning
cause that day we will have a flight to Jeju Island
 Even there's no time for me to roll my hair for more volume , so bad they turn so straight after i have a shower and washing my hair
This my hair looks everyday if i don't styled it >< 
* I hate straight hair *

Lucky me , I got a nice view from my room
we can see the beautiful fireworks at night from here and the dancing fountain
it can be changed colours and talked

 Here's 6 a.m in the morning
before we have a breakfast, we walked around hotel and got a beautiful view 
cause last night it was raining 

Here is it!!
We are reached Jeju Island
and heading to Nanta Show before then we are in this Dragon Head Rock
Actually we can take a lots of photograph here
But my slr gone, it's lowbat and i forgot to checked it last night ><
so i can't use it to take photo here
then back to my pocket camera but it's turn a bad quality , not like i expected 

I wear: 
Top from Gaudi
Flower skirt from Romwe
unbranded tights 
Flat shoes from Ableshoe

A blurry photo that my sis candid it for me

i don't know where it is or what market is it,  near my hotel

I only know there was a street of many cute cosmetics shop, accesories, cafe and ajuhmma street snacks :D

 Look i have a similar skirt with that korean girl :D

 My first day grabbed from Etude and The Face Shop
once again lucky me, there was The face shop , Innisfree ,Tony moly  and many of cosmetics counter in front  of my hotel haha
we shop like crazy that night 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flower Army

Back to my daily post :D
This is not my holiday post again 
I wore this outfits last week
and managed to take photo at my room before went out
sorry for the bad quality
i take it with my tripod, but some of them come out turns blur -__-
I thinks it's becuse of minim lighting 

I wore: 

Floral Top: Devotee
Army coats from HK market
Orange high waisted short from Doota, Seoul
Necklaces: BKK
DIY flower crown
Flower bangles: Doota
JC Lana lookalike boots

My current favorite sunnies 
from Romwe

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pastel Street

My 3rd post about my trip again 
Hope all of you are not get bored with me or even my blog ><
I know now i'm really rarely to post my otufits post cause
Now there's no one can help me to take my outfits photo 
 my sis has been in afternoon class, and I'm in morning class and sometimes we even can't meet up in one day haha cause of her busyy...
and my big sis now is rarely come to my home
huhh~ ~ two of my best photographer got busy with their work and studies now

I read all of your comments about my Korea trip and someone said "you're so lucky " just wanna reply no no no hahaa and bla-bla-blaa
I just feel lucky if i can travel up all this World!! hahhaa :D
Last just wanna thought you Korea is not interesting like all you thought!!
It's just like China there is also many an old Dinasty building, un- interesting Museum, Countryside , or even the famous Everland and Lotte World all of them is same like Disneyland, Universal Studio , Dream World in BKK and Ocean Park .....
I just love the Seoul city and the shopping centre 
Like Doota, Lotte and Hyundai Department store , Itaewon and Myeongdong Street 
You can see all of fashionable Korea teens at Doota!!!

 So we have a Kimchi class in  morning :D 
it's such a nice expeience !!!

I wore: 




i love all about Korean Street snackss!
really it's all so yummy 
Like this potato sausages, and the left one i forgot the name
but it is like a caramel  inside when you bites itt <3 <3 and so cheappp!
all of them around 2000 won

Before i never post my family photos right?
so I will introduce to you....
there's my sis and my mom

My Instagram photos: 
follow me @cindyhvk

My Collar Tip detail 

Hihii love my Snoopy strap that i found in Myeongdong 
many of them ask me the price and it's about 7000won 
so cheaper than Indonesiaa OS right?