Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jeju Rock

I'm Back :D
Sorry for the hiatuss
back to my holiday post last August again *sorry*

I was really tired that day , i still remember 
that day we have a far journey till we reach Kangwon area
Really love this place cause finally I can smell a fresh air and weather, here's too cold cause it's highlands and it's calls "Kangwon Highland"
Lucky us, we can go up the mountain by gondola *like cable car* before it's raining hard cause if there was raining the gondola can't be use anymore.
I will post the view in the next post :D 

 I remember, I went to bed at 11 oclock then woke up at 5 a.m in the morning
cause that day we will have a flight to Jeju Island
 Even there's no time for me to roll my hair for more volume , so bad they turn so straight after i have a shower and washing my hair
This my hair looks everyday if i don't styled it >< 
* I hate straight hair *

Lucky me , I got a nice view from my room
we can see the beautiful fireworks at night from here and the dancing fountain
it can be changed colours and talked

 Here's 6 a.m in the morning
before we have a breakfast, we walked around hotel and got a beautiful view 
cause last night it was raining 

Here is it!!
We are reached Jeju Island
and heading to Nanta Show before then we are in this Dragon Head Rock
Actually we can take a lots of photograph here
But my slr gone, it's lowbat and i forgot to checked it last night ><
so i can't use it to take photo here
then back to my pocket camera but it's turn a bad quality , not like i expected 

I wear: 
Top from Gaudi
Flower skirt from Romwe
unbranded tights 
Flat shoes from Ableshoe

A blurry photo that my sis candid it for me

i don't know where it is or what market is it,  near my hotel

I only know there was a street of many cute cosmetics shop, accesories, cafe and ajuhmma street snacks :D

 Look i have a similar skirt with that korean girl :D

 My first day grabbed from Etude and The Face Shop
once again lucky me, there was The face shop , Innisfree ,Tony moly  and many of cosmetics counter in front  of my hotel haha
we shop like crazy that night 


  1. Lucky you can go there! Such a great post ^^ Love it :)

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  2. love ur post!xx

  3. great look and cute photos!
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  4. i bet you had a great time in korea! did you try their nori? korean nori tastes sooo good. love the pictures!


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