Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daily Routine

Yap today i will share my daily used or what I used for Skin care and Hair care .

Since I have got many req via email and twitter for what i used for my skin and hair product 
so yesterday while I'm cleaning up my stuff I decided to post and capture some of them 

from left: Moistfull collagen (Etude House)
Oriflame Optimals toner
Oriflame make up cleaners
Facial Cotton (Nature Republic)
BB Cream (Etude House)
Collogne (Etude House)
PINK cake fragrance (Etude House) 
Shini star lipbalm ( Etude House) 

 from left: ART serum
NR Hair Tonic
Oriflame Hair X Heat Protection
Oriflame Hair X Anti Dandruff scalp treatment
Orifalme Hair X hair spray conditioner
Zwitsal hair lotion ( love the fresh smell)
Makarizo Advisor anti frizz 

for items not shown in picture:
is shampoo I used Zwitsal baby shampoo (classic)

Yap I don't used any * I called an adult used shampoo like tresemme, pantene , dove ,etc*
i will got many dandruff and so oily hair
so my salons assitant recommend me to try a baby shampoo and i stuck in to this Zwistal
I don't got any dandruff and oily hair again

I have ever try Tresemme , my hair will turn so oily in second day and have a smell
then i stop to using that product again.
Before Tresemee i remember i ever used Dove since i was primary and suited my hair
but when Dove change their packaged that product never suited my hair again until today
I got so many dandruff then i went to salons to have a hair treatment/ creambath
after creambath when i wash my hair at home using Dove shampoo again and that dandruff still stuck in my hair.
Back to salon again then they said i have used a wrong shampoo or not suited with my scalp
so i try baby shampoo and so suited me

added some items here 
from left up: 
Orifalme feet lotion for night
Oriflame Feet lotion for daily used
Oriflame Hand and Nail cream
The Body Shop Japanese cherry blossom lotion 
Baby oil 
Petite Gold EGF eye patch from Korea

Some items that not shown in picture:
The Body Shop Chocomania body butter 
Japanese Cherry blossom fragrance (TBS)
White musk libertine fragrance (TBS)
L'occitane hand cream

For body care mostly i used The Body Shop product
Skin care mostly from Etude House and Oriflame
Make Up : Etude House , Bobby Brown SK II

Then for you who asked me " Don't you used any conditioner after shampoo or any hair protection items"
the answer is no I hate to used conditioner cause my hair will turns oily
 Then because i am the one who really afraid of damaged and dry hair
I usually go to salon twice in two weeks to have a hair treatment .
So for my daily used? i only used a hair tonic , heat protection and serum 
before I style my hair with curling iron or hair straightener 

for hair straightener i used GHD product cause the ION contents it won't damaged your hair 
and a Babyliss pro curling iron 

Maybe next time i will show you all product that i used from make up to my hair styling product
But i think it will be a mess up cause make up items several or can count all belongs to my mom's
I only have a personal bb cream, lipbalm, and an eyeliner. Out from that all is my mom's
But yeahh i will try to take them from my mom and capture them hihiii.

 I still wait my tsuyagla wave ,tsuyagla iron straightener and Babyliss curly wand to arrive
Yap I'm a big fans of hair styling product hahahaa 
so i have many of hair straightener items then many of them have broke in a piece already ahhaaa

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Touch of Floral

Second post this year 
in 10th of March hahaa
sorry guys for not updated this blog
I got lot of problem this few weeks , even months
Like many exam and homework
* Yes this is always complained by every student *
When i have a time i used it to read novel and watching K-dramas
too lazy to blog walking hehee

Then the important one is i just have a time to take a shoot of my outfits
by my sis's help .
since my sis didn't attend morning class again this year
it's a little hard to take shoot cause no one can help me.
In Sunday we have our own routine again and sometimes only we have to meet in dinner.

Kay, nothing to say again just enjoy the photos
that just taken this afternoon 
and I decided to post it now
Cause I will skip school tomorrow and get a week free from school start tuesday
so happy to the maxxx!
I need an abroad holiday please daddy , to upgrade my closet 
and freshen my mind

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Late is better

My first post at January hehe
If you guys follow my Instagram @cindyhvk
you may know this outfits was taken at last Christmas Eve ( last year and last month :D)
I decided to post here , it's better than i only saved them on my memory card

Nothing much to talk here 
School has started 1 weeks and I hope I got a perfect rank in class

Just wanna thanks to Jesus cause one by one my wishlist is finally ticked :D

Gowigasa top and Studded clutch
Skirt is unbranded that owned them since 3years ago (and still fits me)
Boots from HK

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Joyeux Noël


New christmas outfits post 
I wore this last night 
Nothing to share, just enjoy the photo

excuse my long bangs :D
No time for saloon this few days hahaa

here ---> A Little Princess