Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm back from my final test Huaahh 
Feel really fresh and i holiday is waiting for me hhaa

Bad news come, I'm not going overseas this holiday
my mom wanna go to Tibet next 2 weeks -_-

Yaa not an outfits post this time maybe until next 2 post
I wanna share my school activities like before Lab and sports class :D
when we had a lunch. birthday surprises party and etc...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blue Velvet

Holla folks 
This weeks I have a  full days of exams until this Saturday
Hope i don't have any R

As you seen i have change my url
then my new simple header
New looks to my blog haha :D i have many topics to write here
Like I have 2 disc voucher comes from JuneandJulia and 13thShoes
To hard to choose where i want to purchase my new shoes
Both of them give my 20%discount voucher to shopping at their webstore
From JuneandJulia i really love their Collaboration shoes with bloggers
everyone said i'm match with Veren Lee's  x June+Julia shoes
her red wedges with kitty bow, I love it but the problems is I'm not a fans of red colours -__-
I love Anastasia Siantar x June+Julia 's shoes too
 but i think idk where to wear that shoes
if i didn't go travelling / overseas 
Then its only display on my full shoe rack -__-
I have many boots but i never wear it if i didn't go overseas.

13thShoes comes with new arrival next week.
ahh hardly can't choose
if might i want all of them :D

Lately I'm really addicted with Cambridge Satchel bag aww <3
Don't know where i can found the original one at Medan
In Jakarta available at the Goods department store
everyday i persuade my mommy to buy me one
The original items comes from UK
we can purchased it by online
yeahh but mommy is the person not really interested to buy something online
and this bag isn't cheap and we have to wait a month maybe when our order arrived
last the shipping cost is to expensive also
Even its non original items i also want it so badly
Really love this bag's colours even its Neon or Pastel!!!

Gold Collar: IN's
Blue Velvet dress: Tailor made
Flats: Ableshoe

So far i'm searching for someone who can help me to desgin my blog
any recomended?
and helding a giveaway
maybe from sponsors or any collab
may contact me

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Play it and Style it

I'm Back :D
don't know what i want to post here -,-

 Just only can Pray Pray and Pray to Jesus 
and asked what i want @~@ 
Like a high score, and Yes this time i'm satisfied with all my mark, higher than before
Thanks God!!

second, i worried about my Final exams which will be start next week and i don't want to have any R 
third, confused which one i should choose IA/IS class? 
i prefer IS but all my friend *maybe all will be take IA class* so goodbye my bestttfriend* -__- 
I hate all about school activities, like Lab class or something that will spend my time in school i hate it!!!

Jesus please help me to solve my problem!!! PLEASEEE...
just can pray and hope, and wait your Miracle comes to me ^^


Kipling x Style Scrapbook 's camera bag

All about JC's shoes 
really want the Night Walk and Lita 

Super Awesome collaboration from June+Julia x Bloggers
aww I want all of them soooo badlyyy
Please God, i want all of them please please please hahaa :D

Specially the Sonia Eryka's sneakers, Anastasia's Lita lookalike, ElleandJess's oxford and Veren's  cute red bow wedges XDDDDD
Want ALL of them!!!

I can't choose it really!!! 
any suggestion? which one is match for me :D

This Cambridge Sacthel bag in PINK!!!
and the pink pastel pants from Zara!!!!!
Yap i never have a pastel pants so i'm searching for it now ^^