Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Nothing to say here...
soryy and see you next time maybe tomorrow ^^

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunshine Becomes You

"Even  if nothing else in this world who can you trust,
 trust me that I love you. 
With my heart."- Mia Clark 

" Sunshine Becomes You "

"Believe me when I say that I always wanted to be near you, and believe me when I say that I love you .." - Mia Clark

"... I guess I'm one of those who feel you don’t need a reason to love someone. Love just happens by itself. You can not force myself to love someone, just like you can not force myself to hate that person you love."-Alex Hirano

"Maybe you don’t need me. But I need you"

-  Alex  Hirano

"I hope he knows that as long as I breathe, I'll always love him. In my heart.  Forever. "  –  Alex  Hirano

"But if I have to answer that question, I guess I would say that I love her because she was Mia Clark " - Alex  Hirano

This is inside my bag this few days haha
I just want to review about novel i read , i just finished it today I bought it last Tuesday
OMG i really satisfied , happy and sad to read this Novel it is " Sunshine Become You" by Ilana Tan...

I think this one is really different from all of her novels before from the 4th seasons

Really touched me , till i cry when i read the last chapter 
when Mia Clark record what she's feels with Alex before she pass away
can't express it in word again

You may read this novel , but it is sad ending

Yap i just wondering is that in this world had a guys like Alex Hirano???
but the really sad stories i ever read is Autumn In Paris by Ilana Tan too
i sure you will cry when read this two novels

Recomended , if you live in Indonesia you must buy it ^^

There's some of this novel's quotes i like, hope you enjoy it and think of the meaning...

 Yapp this novel had been in bag for 4 days but i just finished it today,
ipod( really help me when i read something or books in busy places ),handphone, Etude mint lipgloss, Etude sweet candy fragrance perfume , headband and last my glasses 

 I love this quotes , it has a small meaning feelings to me 

Sorry before i don't have time to take my outifts post
see you soon, Bye all... ^^

"I think the only indecent thing to make me call out your first name is if you marry me"-Alex Hirano

"Why she should always smile like that to everyone?"-Alex  Hirano

My only regret in life is that I not be with you now and say this directly. But please believe me when I said I wanted to be with you. Believe me when I say I want to always be near you. And believe me when I say I love you too. "
- Sunshine Becomes You

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Blast

OMG Today so many surprises i got hihi :D

First at school with my friend, they successfully make me cry today
They are accuse me that i stole one of our friends 's money and put it on my bag
all of they judge me at the first they said can't believe that i can do it and
 want to call the BK teacher to punish me
So I said to them that i don't stole it or take it from my friend's bag it is really scared me
If that's real
Then they make me until i cry :P , scare me want to called our teacher came to handle it
Talk about to end our friendship tell my parents and etc etc...
arghhh i cried for while then they out and some of them said that they are calling the teacher
 it seems they are go to bring my cake here :D
Really Suprises me and scared me
Then they sang Happy Birthday song veryy Loudly huhh
100% i have lied my them!!!
Nice experince and so Happy
What a really cute cupcakes haha
If have a chance i will post it here :DDDD

Also I got a little surprises from my mom and sis when I'm get back from school  while I'm at my room they open the door and sang Happy Birthday to me and it is a little cake in my sis's hand haha :D 
Its really touched me cause i had celebrate it when it is my chinese birthday and usually there is no birthday cake again

Haha Maybe i will sing Touch from Miss A cause today was a really Fantastic Day 

Really ThankYou Jesus that gave me a Lovely, Crazy .Best Friend
and i had a wonderfull Family in my life hihii :D

Yapp this is the best Birthday Surprises i ever got!!!!
5 Birthday cakes for this Year its came from my family, parents and friends
Super Thanks ^^

Wanna share some of my photo at Teddy Coffee :D

Soorryy for the bad quality its take from my iPad

Today's Selcas 

OFF bye bye wanna hangout with family ^^

once again ThankYou Jesus for todayy ^^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Q & A

Q:  What's different between Vintage and Retro?

A:  Vintage clothes are dated back from 1920 to 1960. Anything after this date is considered Retro..

Q: Is Oxford shoe originally from UK?
A: Yes. Oxford shoe first becomes trend by university in UK around 1900s . The name of Oxford Shoe itself is inspired by the Oxford University UK.


Amazing today my internet conection was really fast haha
and i can upload a lot of photo here and Fb...
Sometimes its too slow like 1 pict upload can be take 10 minutes :D

Yahhh this wednesday is my birthday and i don't prepare anything this year cause i have celebrate it at my chinese birthday date..
I want to shopping online but no one can help me to transfer it my daddy was out of town -___-

 I love to taking picture with pudding camera hihiii! like Suzy (Miss A usually  do or Kpop selcas) love the effect, you may download it!!

 And this one is popbooth i love to using this one also :D
it has some of photo effect that we can choose can shared it by Fb, twitter or via email to usefull when take selcas with friend and shared it in their email or upload it ^^

 I wore:
Blue Polka top : Bangkok
Skort: Unbranded
Chanel Headband: Central Festival, Pattaya
Necklace: IN'S

Q: What’s the different between spandex and latex? Both look the same to me.
 A: They look very similar,but actually spandex is a synthetic filore whereas latex is from natural rubber

Friday, February 17, 2012


You Don't need to be Skinny to look Fabolous !!

Bonjour! :D

Ahhh this feww days i feel i'm so unlucky don't know why

Ughh.. Every i pass V- days alone and this year also hikss -__-
hm..hmm I just sit down and hear what my friend said about her date...

kayy till here don't make me drop again hihii :P

Usually every year i never make a chocolate but this year i try to make it and it is Successffuulll!!! :D
Yeahhh I just exchanged chocolate with my friend not give it to boys haha :p :p :p 
Huhh I hope after i ate a lots of chocolate i will more full /fat hahha 
I'm too skinnyyy i hate it -__-
All my friends woorried about their weights haha 
but I'm not!!!
I want to look taller and fatter

i want to share my experince about making chocolate haha


This i took after i packaged it its too much but i don't snap it all

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teddy House

Teddy Bear 
Do you love teddy Bear guys?
If me , Yes I' do..

Guys i want your help to like my Teddy Bear Photo Contest @TeddyHouseIndonesia 's page

May you? ones of your like means more for me ^^ 

1st: Like Teddy House Indonesia's Fanpage first http://www.facebook.com/teddyhouseind
2nd: Klik this photo and Like  it http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150565269603601&set=a.10150555395898601.370920.125306598600&type=3&theater

Thankss.. <3

Cause I really love Teddy Bear :D I have 10 of them but now only left 6 casue 4 of them i gave when Someone's birthday like my friend or my far cousin when they come  to visits me then they take home.. -____-
Ughhh... I really want the GIANT one hahaha

I believe every Teddy it has soul inside hhihii :D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days Out

Annyeong all...
Did you have a nice weekend????
But I'm not...
oh nooo yesterday i had a silly accident at my auntie house arghhh
bad cousinn uhhh can't tell you here hehe :D 
ok forgot about it...

Now I'm watching Dream High 2 at Youtube wawww JB aaa so fall with this guy haha
Handsome and cute face
But one i don't like from DH 2 is Kang SoRa
Why she must played at DH 2?
i think she is to old for Senior High School student cast..-__-
She's  match with Leeteuk (Super Junior's Leader)
But not with Jinwoon 2PM...
Then why Jiyeon T-ara not become the main character???
is that in Korea no any cast character match with Hye Sung role?

ahh just forgot about it so frustated..
in all DH 2 is amazing and fantastic but I don't really like the cast...

Sorry this is only my opinion also i'm not bashing 
I also like Kang Sora at WGM but not in DH 2


Here's some photos for you.. 


 awww... my face and my weird hair so BADDD....

This a FREE photobooth for us hahaa