Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Annyeonghaseyo "̮

Annyeong haha it's my first time to write this blog.
I just make this blog for my own kekeke... don't know what I have to write ><

This one week i'm free of my activities at school, because of Lebaran so excited haha.
But today 30 of August i just stay at home .I have a lot of activities today like today we are actually planning to go to 21 cinema but did not because Mommy was busy haha. Today my mommy test to cook Ketupat and the chicken rendang awww so delicious.
although we did not go to Sun today, but I had a chance to make this blog today haha and this is making me happy though not as perfect as I imagined. From the first I've evertried to blog but do not succeed do not know why .. when looking at blogs of people who definitely want a very nice one to have a similar blog. but this is just a beginner it's okay haha.
and tomorrow we have going  to watch movies and eat at Seoul Garden, i miss it so yummy !! Bulgogi haha
And see all.