Friday, August 31, 2012

Gloomy Days

Now I am back with another post in SouthKorea also
This time at Nami Island , it’s Winter Sonata‘s shooting location
Badly, when I’m arrived there is no raining  , but after I have my lunch it’s raining heavily
And the rain isn’t like in Seoul it comes 1 minute and pass, few hour/minute the rain come again in 1 or 2 minutes.
But in here it is all day raining till I left the Nami Island and went to Mount Sorak
It is cause of typhoon storm effect that hit Korea too.
I hate raining for really!
It makes me want to bring and wear jackets all day long and take an umbrella!
I can’t snap many picture there cause I’m taking umbrella and camera in one hand!
So my slr camera so un-usefull in there!!
It is to possible for one hand carried slr and one hand taking my umbrella ><
Then all back to my pocket camera 
Cause it is  smaller than slr and easy to carried it everywhere , everytimee!
But  the result is so bad >< a bit blurry!
So my holiday is not interesting as you thought

I wear: 
-Zara Top
-Zara Chrochet shorts
-Gowigasa, Union jack bag
-3second jacket
-Bellagio studded flats
-Bowler hat from Doota, Dongdaemun  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My 1st day at Seoul
nothing to say here
so just enjoy the photo

ignored my weird face ya
lack of sleep *grgrgr*
totally can't sleep in the plane

I got a midnight flight from HK to Incheon 
and arrived in 7a.m in morning 
Theenn, can not got changes or take a bath just changes up my top ><

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holla August

Hai all 

Beforee just wanna deeply say sorry to all of you
I don't have time to reply your comments one by one or make a blog walking><
 Trust me i really wanna make a blog post here, but i don't have time 
Usually i spend my free time to watch Running Man :D and read my novel 
But i promise i will back for more outfits post soon!! 

Yes cause Lebaran is coming so my holiday is coming too
Really excited cause  i will be leaving for this shitty town  for more than a weeks ++  (SuperYAY)
i hope its a month , but my school didn't allow me to do that ><
sssttt, bye for this daily freaking traffic jams ,  assignments, and daily test....

I will be at Korea , Jeju, Singapore and Hongkong for this holiday trip
I will have a flight on this friday , early in the morning, *hope i can wake up fast*
just wanna tell you, i have a small a phobia of plane :D
i love travelling but i hate to sit in a ++ hour inside the plane >< *poor me*
and frustrated me.
I will post a plenty of my trip pict in my Instagram 
so just follow me @cindyhvk ..... and  i will follow back youu!

Lasttt... even this is too early 
I wanna say Happy Independence Day for my country, Indonesia
and " Selamat Idul Fitri"  for those who celebrate it