Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holla August

Hai all 

Beforee just wanna deeply say sorry to all of you
I don't have time to reply your comments one by one or make a blog walking><
 Trust me i really wanna make a blog post here, but i don't have time 
Usually i spend my free time to watch Running Man :D and read my novel 
But i promise i will back for more outfits post soon!! 

Yes cause Lebaran is coming so my holiday is coming too
Really excited cause  i will be leaving for this shitty town  for more than a weeks ++  (SuperYAY)
i hope its a month , but my school didn't allow me to do that ><
sssttt, bye for this daily freaking traffic jams ,  assignments, and daily test....

I will be at Korea , Jeju, Singapore and Hongkong for this holiday trip
I will have a flight on this friday , early in the morning, *hope i can wake up fast*
just wanna tell you, i have a small a phobia of plane :D
i love travelling but i hate to sit in a ++ hour inside the plane >< *poor me*
and frustrated me.
I will post a plenty of my trip pict in my Instagram 
so just follow me @cindyhvk ..... and  i will follow back youu!

Lasttt... even this is too early 
I wanna say Happy Independence Day for my country, Indonesia
and " Selamat Idul Fitri"  for those who celebrate it 


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