Thursday, December 29, 2011


Holla Guys missed me huh? hahaa :D
I just back from my vacation at Bangkok, Thailand for 2night 3days ^^
I Shopping a lot there until i feel my feet is wants to drop from my body haha
But Really nice ^^
Here just want to share my photo before i go to Airport style at my room

What a Blocking Colour Day kekke
And I wear this to airport when heading to Bangkok

 At first i want to used this Collar Dress to airport
But my mom said its to simple
then i change it into The Crazy Colour Blocking outfits haha :D

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Wow tonight is Christmas Eve!!!!

Yayyy sing Noel Noel...

Santa Clause is coming to town !

O yeah before i have one good news here
PHOSKINNY from have a Giveaway!!
Really a Christmas Miracle yeah if i can win it haha
A pairs of UP wedges , such a lovely shoes an originally handmade from Indonesia ^^
you can check it here 
I Wear UP ---> @iwearUP
Btwei I really love Jessica's blog title "Batik is Indonesia"
Yes of course Batik is from Indonesia
Then UP have a wedges made from Batik also
From their Hot News collection is " CANDI red "

Really a Batik Culture
Then Aira , pss this is what Jessica used in her blog " AIRA BROWN"
But this Aira was sold out 

" ANJANI " this is mix from Batik lace on leather straps

The last item is Sold Out but i think this was sold out cause of their unique design " JANE BATIK MUSTARD"

In fact i really fall in love with this one, but sold out and no choice to have it

Here is Jessica's BATIK looks with her  Aira Brown

Dear Santa 
Here is a tiny of my Christmas wishes
-Next i wishes i can visits Seoul
-3 Lovely pairs of UP Wedges

-          Pentax pink Slr

-          Hello Kitty Polaroid

ssttt... Please Follow my twitter @cindyanjells  thankies
Wish you have a Wonderful Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Carol

Holla ALL
How is your holiday?
NICE huh?

Yesterday I went to Cambridge with my mommy and shopping till drop
From there we go to Sun again then Thamrin Plaza hhaha
really tireddd... But really happy cause of Mother's Day i can't reject my mom to go 
shopping with her hehee
So far in my holiday i just stay at home with so lazy to hangout with besties or family party
Now I'm watching Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Reality Show Oh My School, Heroes , then rewatch MAMA . This all can make my laugh by my self like crazy people hahaa

Oh yeah Have you watch Music Bank ?
I just streamed it
ughh cause of rainy and a bad signal so it was a small buffering
There was IU and Yonghwa feat Lucky song hahaa jinjaa fantastic
and also IU backstage with Super Junior
To night IU really cute ^^
But its okay i enjoyed it ^<^

Today's Trending Topic on twitter
80% is full of Kpop
#MusicBank, #MuBank and etc
Guys did you know Joseph Vincent?
ahh I'm falling with him hahaa
Here is bonus short klip to you kekeke

Bye- Bye all see you
Have a WonderFul Christmas ok???

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rainy Christmas

Hey guys I'm so sad here > <
Bad news come this Christmas i don't go overseas and stay in town only > <
 I don't have any chance to saw snow in my town -____-
But almost everyday it was raining here
ahhh God why can i live in the country for no snow or winter?
I miss that winter moment
I miss to wear my  winter coat 
I miss my winter outfits!!!!
hmhmm i have  search it at an online shop like Romwe, Asian icandy or Chicwish there was
so many cute winter outfits but i shouldn't buy it cause no winter here
and sometimes so hot like hell !
o yeah guys you may try this "do a barrel roll" at Google and press Enter
see what next hahaa
and this " let it snow" too haha
Fantastic right???

And here is some outfits i wore this week
This outwear from Velvet , Top : Gaudi , Pants: from Sogo and Belt : Bellagio

 hehe Sory for my bad pict, i make it into blur <^^>
I wore: Top: unbranded , outwears: unbranded also from random shop at Sun Plaza , PantsSkirt:  Gaudi
 haha Fake camera !!!

The blur one, my sister shoot it kekeke
Bye-Bye all
wish you have a Nice Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

StyleMemories's giveaway

Hai all i just want to share The Romwe Bag giveaway from
before  i have searching that bag but i found stylememories make it into their giveaway so i join it...
You can check there if you want to join it. and i have enter all the entries , wish me luck ok???

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Instagram Selcas

Holla all, don't have any news here hehe
Btwei I', so happy cause today was my last day exams and i will have a long of Christmas holiday starts tomorrow!! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes

Today i want to share La Maison's
Christmas Collection 2011
now they have sweet special Christmas cookies.. wanna to try?
Check here --->

 Here is their Christmas Cookies

And this is Lemon Meringue Tart
looks so simple right but the tasted ... So Amazing...

 And this is Tarte Aux Macaron
I really want to tasted this one..
looks so freshly with the fruits  yummy!

This is I found at someone’s blog but i forgot to linked it.. so Sorry

I think she is Jasmine

 Ariel, pretty mermaid

Cinderella ? ... (maybe)

But i think she is Aurora       
  And here is Belle, Beauty and the Beast


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Barbie & Ken Awards

2011 Barbie & Ken Awards

On December 6th, After School‘s UEE and actor Song Joong Ki attended the 2011 Barbie & Ken Awards at the Beyond Museum in Seoul.
And here is their photo, UEE was so beautiful like a Barbie!
So jealous with UEE had a perfect body and so tall !
I really wants like her >v< 

LOOK ! at her shoes so Kawaiii!!!
Really like a Barbie shoes > < 
Lucky girl!  

Really a pretty girl huh?
looks at her eyes and her wavy hair ahh so pretty! 

Look at her dress it same with her Barbie awards dress , Kawaiii ^^

And on 2010 Barbie & Ken Awards it goes to Kim Bum and Hwang Jung Eum ^^