Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple but Soft

Yeahhh next week I will have a full day of EXAM!!!

I will crazy soon :D

So i decided to post what i wear this week :P

 I wear:
Asymmetric Fairy Tail top: Gowigasa
Lady Dior bag: HK
Black tights: unbranded
Studded Flats: Bellagio

 Here is the bonus one kekkeee 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kiss Note

Yay today I'm free from school activities
Tomorrow will gonna be the day i will spend all myy time at school, Saturday also

Ya tomorrow my school has a event and it is "Gebyar Pendidikan"
All of us must be there to be a little reporter and make a statement about the activities that will be held on 23rd until 24th 
Then... tomorrow my best friend will have a concert it is M2MC aka Methodist2MagicCommunity 
i will be there also the concert held in our school hall at 2o'clock 
So i will have a reason to miss my school event for an hour haha :D
its so annoyed me cause we must go to one by one stand to take picture and asking the people there about how's there feeling/thought about this event OMG!!!! i hate this one

Heart Crop Sweater :  from Seoul, gifted from my friend
Red skirt: Gowigasa
Belt: Bellagio
Boots: unbranded from HK market, *Ladies market maybe* 

 Top: Gaudi
Vintage Floral Skirt: Bangkok
Bag: Gowigasa
Flat Shoes: Bellagio

Kiss Note ????
Like the Dara one, Sandara 2NE1 
in Etude House CF with SHINee

So yesterday i make my own version Kiss Note kekeke
mix from Blackberry Messenger and EH dara's :P :P 

LOL ssttt... you see that orange , red and the pink colour?  
Yes i used my lipgloss , lipstint and lipstick all of them from EH also haha :D 
crazy me haha :P :P 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gloomy days

Yapp this photo i took last month when i do photoshoot with my Teddy Bear from Teddy House to join Photo Contest ^^

I wear: basic top - unbranded
Outer: Gowigasa
Short: unbranded jeans 
Black foldable shoes: Ableshoe

Monday, March 12, 2012

Red Attack


Folks finally i have holiday this week
but only 1 week hikss...
So i just have time to post my look^^
I have wore this skirt twice yesterday i wore it to my friend birthday party at Lembur Kuring with different top
and today i wore it to take a shoot 
All of items i wore here are my new babies haha :D
from Top to Skirt  XD!!! ^^

Top from: Zara Women(maybe, cause it is my birthday present from my friend) i just follow the label ^^
Red skirt from Gowigasa 
Belt from Bellagio 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weird Weeks

OH no soryyy for veryyy late posting here...
I'm to boring this few days i need more holiday like go overseas or whattt!!!

Depressed me many problems happen with me this few week 
And start from next 2 weeks I will got my monthly exams start!

Oh rightt I share a little photo here and PLEASE don't looks at my bangs and my weird face without bangs!!! Hiksss... -__-
I hate it , its to short and looks terrible Oh My!!!
and i will do many activities outdoor also this week and really depressed of my terrible bangs i never cuts it short like it! and i have go to many party or hangout sucks! 
So i don't want to take photo when I'm out -,- poor me...

Hihii my besties ^^
They are Pro hahha :D 
Did you see the middle girl below? she is Jesseline 
she was the smartest and the pretty girl i ever met! 
Skinny , tall, smart and Friendly the most!!

Ooopss wanna to share what i ussualy I used. Half of them from Etude House
Yapp just a simple like Foundation, Lipbalm, Lipgloss, Mascara, Perfume,Eyeliner, Fake lashes(if go to party)
I have ever try a Gyaru style , tutorial from LuceDale( Clara Devi's blog). It was a bit mess cause I'm not really good at drawing my eyeliner haha :D Also i don't used the lenses that can make our eyes more bigger cause my parents coludn't allowed me to used contact lens i don't know why??

Did you see that tins lipbalm? the pink one and the penguin or ducks in front i was loss it when i take it to scholl Oh nooo don't know who was took it from me I love the cherry smell  T^T