Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cause it's Sunday

Finally I'm back here sorry for hiatus since June, last month 
Okayy nothing to say here just enjoy the photo 
The photos were taken last Sunday in my lil nephew 1st year Birthday Party at Arya Duta..
ssttt ignored my weird face please, cause lack of sleep the night before  looks so tired rightt

August and Lebaran come here fast pleaseee!!!
i really need an overseas holidayyyy

My school has been started 2weeks ago and now I'm in holiday ( libur permulaan puasa) for the Muslims who attend it
and counted from today till next Monday I'm FREE
Thennn... school will start next Tuesday again -___- (back to activities) tired me @@

All the sweets were taken from the Dessert Table/Candy Corner :D

Sneak peek for my current fav sunnies :D