Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1st December 2011

"Today 1st December 2011"

Cause it will Christmas haha
So sad that because my town don't have any snow haha, I live at Indonesia the badly fact -___-
I can't wear a winter coat/ jackets, gloves, scraf > <
I love December much because i have many FREE time this month and go travelling maybe 
OR go crazy shopping with mom, Hangout with besties... ahh so lovely!!!

So sorry not in here for 1 weeks more..
Cause I'm so busy of my school
Today is my first Final Exam , wish me luck ok
PLEASE pray for me that i don't have any re -test exam
AND also so sorry i don't have any news here
Today i will spent my time in front of my laptop for 2 hours maybe 
and make a quick blog updated 
my exams start from today until next thursday ,and school rangs from 6.50 a.m until 8.10 a.m
so i get back home fast , really love it ahahaa
uhghh why don't everyday like that my scholl start at 6.50a.m and finished at 8.30 or what haha

Sunday, November 20, 2011


20.11.2011 Breaking Dawn part 1 
" The Holy Trinity of Twilight Saga"
Today at 20.11.2011 11pm I'm at Sun Plaza to wait the Breaking Dawn tickets and the movie start at 12 o'clock so excited
I have a chance to watch Breaking Dawn in half on my final exams time , my mommy said this is the last i can hangout with friends for this month 
haha I'm so excited to watch this Breaking Dawn so FANTASTIC!!!!
I want to watch it again !!!!
maybe this friday before my sports lesson started i go to watch it again with my friends
OMG Stephenie Meyer , how can you got this idea for the novel very amazinggg
and Bill Condon where you got idea for the very fantastic movie????
The Wedding party! i love it muchhh
it is at forest Edward Cullen 's house like the Garden Wedding Party how amazed????
ughhh and then the ESME Island so amazing!
And Then when Bella pregnant Rosalie takes care of her
When Bella pregnant her baby ,Renesmee she is so thin!!!!
How can? Kristen Stewart being so thin like grandma OMG the make up stylish very very clever!
AND the part I like most is when Bella being Vampire!
She almost died cause of her baby and then Edward so fast to changes her 
Jacob feels Bella is died , but its no she fall in sleep cause the morfin they give too much
then after few days Bella being vampire the skins so flawless and white OMG i want it also
The eyes being red and the eyelash and she become normal again not thin like a grandma hihi :D
I love this part!!!!!
Else when Jacob want to kill Bella's ,Renesmee .He imprint!
Fall in love in first sight with Renesmee 
Because Renesmee so cute and beautiful like her mom when she's teenage 

Have you watch it?
Lets go watch it this is another VERY DIFFERENT  from the 1st Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

Friday, November 18, 2011




Wuahhh Today is BREAKING DAWN, The Twilight Saga last part RELEASED!!!!!
Really really can't wait to watch it at Cinema21 
I don't want to know much this Sunday i must watch it!!!!
ahhh Please pleaseee i can got the ticket!!!!
i see that many people said its amazing cause Bella being a vampire 
Edward changes her , i have read the novel done before
I must get the tickets!

Click to play video!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashion quotes

"Be and inspiring trendsetter and be a creative follower "

" Fashion is fearlessly expressing yourself! "

" Perfection is never real and reality is never perfect. "

"BLACK and WHITE was ,is , and never die "

"After Copy , Paste and Edit before Publish . "

"Beautiful shoes will bring you to the beautiful place "

"Fashion isn't about branded things , but its about making simple thing looks branded on you "


" Just Dance - it's gonna be okay ."
Hai all I'm here back ^^ keke
Miss me huhhh?
hmhm nothing to say here
NO Pain No Gain 
I just buy a new Gogirl! Magazine its FASHION ISSUE
O MY GOSH i really love it
Last month it is CULINARY ISSUE
makes me so hungry see all the food and the dessert 
awww Gogirl so understanding me much 

I'm beautiful in my way, cause GOD makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track,baby. I was BORN THIS WAY (born this way ,Lady Gaga)

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 / 11November 2011

wowoww Today is 11/11/11.
 Every 100 year comes a 11/11/11 .Love y' all Let's we celebrate it  again on 2111/11/11! haha :D 
Huh but today there's  nothing special for me :( 

Today i'm no in mood cause i can't go to 2PM concert  at Jakarta>,<
okok don't discuss that problem again
just now i browsing and found this photo 
This is U-kiss Dongho when their in Medan, Indonesia last March for mini showcase 

 OMG my Dongho really cute rightt?

And this behind is my edited for 2PM haha
cause i'm not there so i collect their photo and edited it ><

Which one is the best???

So far i waited for Breaking Dawn released this 18 November
so be come fastttt i really can't wait again!!!!!!

My 11.11.11 wish

- in my second report i don't get any red mark
- i pass all of my final test
- my daddy wants to buy me new smartphone ( iphone 4 or Dakota or maybe Jennings)
- I want to have my own DSLR daddyyy!
- I got a lot of new outfits for my CNY 2012 :D 
-This is Special ,Hopefully Next Year I will visits SEOUL!!!
- Next Year i can go to any concert held in my town or maybe SNSD will come
-I want to have any Wedges or Platform from Jeffrey Campbell
-I wish he love me hahaha :D 
and this isthe last...
-What i want specially come true

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Jeffrey Campbell

All of you know right? that i'm a big fans of Jeffrey Campbell
Oh My Gosh I just asked my parents to buy for me only a paired of their shoes 
BUT my parents always ans like that : "You just only a 15th y.o. teenager its not your age style dear..."
uhh I'm so upset eith them , before that i always browse a teenager fashion blogger to show them that they also can used high hells or wedges so i want to hehehe
huhh poor of me right?
But its a little problem for me also i buy a lot of wedges or high heels i can't wear them in my town cause i think their not fashionable haha they always said that why only a teen girl used high heels or wedges like that? it's make me shy ok???? ughhh suck of them
I only can wear it when i'm travelling overseas >, <
My friend also when i used a little of heels shoes they always "cie cie " like that ughh i hate them
they can't judge me right?
Its fashion for me and i love to wear them 

OK OK until here hahaha :D

Here is my wish list for this month 

JEFFREY CAMPBELL-'Lita' platform boot

JEFFREY CAMPBELL-leather ankle boot

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All About 2PM HandsUp Asia Tour in Jakarta

2PM !!!
 This is my really really favorite boyband from Korea!!!!!!!!
oh my lovely nickhun ahh i can't go to watch them at JITEC, Mangga dua square ,jakarta
In fact i'm in holiday so i can go there but i don't have any tickets to buy  >< all of them sold out!!!
arghhhh so ENVY with them who is there this Friday! 
i swear so many of them don't go to school or worked that Friday 
cause of 2PM!!!!
but i'm in free can't go there so upset!!!!!

When last time when 2PM was in Indonesia for BB Live i got theor ticket there for free from BB
but i can't go there cause i'm in my UAS test like the final test of my graduated class ><
AHHHH i want to SCREAM out LOUD to my daddy!!!!!
WHY I can't get the ticket?????
You can check in here--? their greets to me hahhaa( I'm 2PM hottest) so that greets for me wkwkwk

This blog have a TOMS SHOES giveaway i just join it!!!
woww they created an amazing blog and also the giveaway i have wait from Toms Shoes
want to join also? click here...>
thanks before
wish me luck yeah..

Monday, November 7, 2011


Yayy I'm so happy last night
cause of my daddy birthday he bought to me a new backpack from Gosh
This is my favorite brand hahaa all of my school shoes from here, i really love their shoes design and more important is the comfy!!!
He knows i have broke my old school backpack really happy!!!
Then i also buy lots of Gaudi Collection cause of when we buy Rp300.000 they give us 100.000 voucher!!!
so my mommy and me buy a lot haha also can be stocked for my CNY 2012
some of that also my family problem ready can solved it .
and then bad news come today at school cause i have a tons of homework to do this weekend
just because we are in holiday start from thursday until saturday for Methodist-2 education expo
So the teacher give us a lot of HW to do...
sighhh i just want to spend my all days out or in front of my computer and ipad -___-
Poor me right? >< 

and here is Selena last night at MTV EMA

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez
She also rocks the stage
Really a multitalented girl
Selena Gomez