Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All About 2PM HandsUp Asia Tour in Jakarta

2PM !!!
 This is my really really favorite boyband from Korea!!!!!!!!
oh my lovely nickhun ahh i can't go to watch them at JITEC, Mangga dua square ,jakarta
In fact i'm in holiday so i can go there but i don't have any tickets to buy  >< all of them sold out!!!
arghhhh so ENVY with them who is there this Friday! 
i swear so many of them don't go to school or worked that Friday 
cause of 2PM!!!!
but i'm in free can't go there so upset!!!!!

When last time when 2PM was in Indonesia for BB Live i got theor ticket there for free from BB
but i can't go there cause i'm in my UAS test like the final test of my graduated class ><
AHHHH i want to SCREAM out LOUD to my daddy!!!!!
WHY I can't get the ticket?????
You can check in here--? their greets to me hahhaa( I'm 2PM hottest) so that greets for me wkwkwk

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