Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 / 11November 2011

wowoww Today is 11/11/11.
 Every 100 year comes a 11/11/11 .Love y' all Let's we celebrate it  again on 2111/11/11! haha :D 
Huh but today there's  nothing special for me :( 

Today i'm no in mood cause i can't go to 2PM concert  at Jakarta>,<
okok don't discuss that problem again
just now i browsing and found this photo 
This is U-kiss Dongho when their in Medan, Indonesia last March for mini showcase 

 OMG my Dongho really cute rightt?

And this behind is my edited for 2PM haha
cause i'm not there so i collect their photo and edited it ><

Which one is the best???

So far i waited for Breaking Dawn released this 18 November
so be come fastttt i really can't wait again!!!!!!

My 11.11.11 wish

- in my second report i don't get any red mark
- i pass all of my final test
- my daddy wants to buy me new smartphone ( iphone 4 or Dakota or maybe Jennings)
- I want to have my own DSLR daddyyy!
- I got a lot of new outfits for my CNY 2012 :D 
-This is Special ,Hopefully Next Year I will visits SEOUL!!!
- Next Year i can go to any concert held in my town or maybe SNSD will come
-I want to have any Wedges or Platform from Jeffrey Campbell
-I wish he love me hahaha :D 
and this isthe last...
-What i want specially come true

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