Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1st December 2011

"Today 1st December 2011"

Cause it will Christmas haha
So sad that because my town don't have any snow haha, I live at Indonesia the badly fact -___-
I can't wear a winter coat/ jackets, gloves, scraf > <
I love December much because i have many FREE time this month and go travelling maybe 
OR go crazy shopping with mom, Hangout with besties... ahh so lovely!!!

So sorry not in here for 1 weeks more..
Cause I'm so busy of my school
Today is my first Final Exam , wish me luck ok
PLEASE pray for me that i don't have any re -test exam
AND also so sorry i don't have any news here
Today i will spent my time in front of my laptop for 2 hours maybe 
and make a quick blog updated 
my exams start from today until next thursday ,and school rangs from 6.50 a.m until 8.10 a.m
so i get back home fast , really love it ahahaa
uhghh why don't everyday like that my scholl start at 6.50a.m and finished at 8.30 or what haha

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