About me

-Cindy Lawrence, as known as Cindy Hvk (nick name). 
Born on 22nd of February 1996. In fact I'm come from Indonesia .
-The girl behind La Fashionette
-Fashion is my life !
-Outfits is my Soul.
-Shoes is my Passion!
-Not using accesories to much

 Fahion Desginer is my future dream
24hours is facing all about FASHION and FASHION

What style I'm?
ermm... streetstyle maybe , don't know how to describe it 
cause i follow the trends and dressing by mood

Hope that Milan and Paris is my next STOP!

Jeffrey Campbell and Alexander McQueen is my most inspiring fashion industry
- Not really a smart girl...

-Hate someone talk behind me
- Spend my time in front of computer.
Reading Novel, Fashion Magazine and browsing trends is my daily life!  * ILoveReading*

Sometimes I sketch a dress
- Love to baking , cake or what but usually a Cupcakes and Muffin :D

-I like to make over my self like cutting a new hair and never shy to mix and match what inside my wardrobe 

- one thing I really SCARED it is Basketball and all about ball I hate it much! i feels that things can hurt people
I suck at sport! I hate to sweaty..

So this is me !