Sunday, November 20, 2011


20.11.2011 Breaking Dawn part 1 
" The Holy Trinity of Twilight Saga"
Today at 20.11.2011 11pm I'm at Sun Plaza to wait the Breaking Dawn tickets and the movie start at 12 o'clock so excited
I have a chance to watch Breaking Dawn in half on my final exams time , my mommy said this is the last i can hangout with friends for this month 
haha I'm so excited to watch this Breaking Dawn so FANTASTIC!!!!
I want to watch it again !!!!
maybe this friday before my sports lesson started i go to watch it again with my friends
OMG Stephenie Meyer , how can you got this idea for the novel very amazinggg
and Bill Condon where you got idea for the very fantastic movie????
The Wedding party! i love it muchhh
it is at forest Edward Cullen 's house like the Garden Wedding Party how amazed????
ughhh and then the ESME Island so amazing!
And Then when Bella pregnant Rosalie takes care of her
When Bella pregnant her baby ,Renesmee she is so thin!!!!
How can? Kristen Stewart being so thin like grandma OMG the make up stylish very very clever!
AND the part I like most is when Bella being Vampire!
She almost died cause of her baby and then Edward so fast to changes her 
Jacob feels Bella is died , but its no she fall in sleep cause the morfin they give too much
then after few days Bella being vampire the skins so flawless and white OMG i want it also
The eyes being red and the eyelash and she become normal again not thin like a grandma hihi :D
I love this part!!!!!
Else when Jacob want to kill Bella's ,Renesmee .He imprint!
Fall in love in first sight with Renesmee 
Because Renesmee so cute and beautiful like her mom when she's teenage 

Have you watch it?
Lets go watch it this is another VERY DIFFERENT  from the 1st Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse


  1. I've seen all the movie so far an the books are soooo much better~!


  2. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for an arty-oval style ring if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. Hahaha glad you liked it! =)


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