Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Wow tonight is Christmas Eve!!!!

Yayyy sing Noel Noel...

Santa Clause is coming to town !

O yeah before i have one good news here
PHOSKINNY from have a Giveaway!!
Really a Christmas Miracle yeah if i can win it haha
A pairs of UP wedges , such a lovely shoes an originally handmade from Indonesia ^^
you can check it here 
I Wear UP ---> @iwearUP
Btwei I really love Jessica's blog title "Batik is Indonesia"
Yes of course Batik is from Indonesia
Then UP have a wedges made from Batik also
From their Hot News collection is " CANDI red "

Really a Batik Culture
Then Aira , pss this is what Jessica used in her blog " AIRA BROWN"
But this Aira was sold out 

" ANJANI " this is mix from Batik lace on leather straps

The last item is Sold Out but i think this was sold out cause of their unique design " JANE BATIK MUSTARD"

In fact i really fall in love with this one, but sold out and no choice to have it

Here is Jessica's BATIK looks with her  Aira Brown

Dear Santa 
Here is a tiny of my Christmas wishes
-Next i wishes i can visits Seoul
-3 Lovely pairs of UP Wedges

-          Pentax pink Slr

-          Hello Kitty Polaroid

ssttt... Please Follow my twitter @cindyanjells  thankies
Wish you have a Wonderful Christmas

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