Friday, February 17, 2012


You Don't need to be Skinny to look Fabolous !!

Bonjour! :D

Ahhh this feww days i feel i'm so unlucky don't know why

Ughh.. Every i pass V- days alone and this year also hikss -__-
hm..hmm I just sit down and hear what my friend said about her date...

kayy till here don't make me drop again hihii :P

Usually every year i never make a chocolate but this year i try to make it and it is Successffuulll!!! :D
Yeahhh I just exchanged chocolate with my friend not give it to boys haha :p :p :p 
Huhh I hope after i ate a lots of chocolate i will more full /fat hahha 
I'm too skinnyyy i hate it -__-
All my friends woorried about their weights haha 
but I'm not!!!
I want to look taller and fatter

i want to share my experince about making chocolate haha


This i took after i packaged it its too much but i don't snap it all


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  2. so cute <3



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