Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Secrète D'anniversaire

Annyeong world....
I have upload this few photos for 3 hours how poor me really a bad connection this week -__-

Many wants to say here but I'm so sleepy now
see you tomorrow

 I wore: 
Inner Stripes Top : Gowigasa
Pants Skirt: Gaudi
Outwear: Marissa Collection, Body&Soul
Bag: Gowigasa
Shoes: Bellagio

 Play a mini games then the lose one take a shy pose arpund the mall
This girl is yhe lose one hahha look at her shy faces, Really boyish

I can't took my full body outfits cause my sister was on bad mood so she don't want to help me take an outfits photos

This Selcas i took last Sunday when i stayed at home 

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