Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Blast

OMG Today so many surprises i got hihi :D

First at school with my friend, they successfully make me cry today
They are accuse me that i stole one of our friends 's money and put it on my bag
all of they judge me at the first they said can't believe that i can do it and
 want to call the BK teacher to punish me
So I said to them that i don't stole it or take it from my friend's bag it is really scared me
If that's real
Then they make me until i cry :P , scare me want to called our teacher came to handle it
Talk about to end our friendship tell my parents and etc etc...
arghhh i cried for while then they out and some of them said that they are calling the teacher
 it seems they are go to bring my cake here :D
Really Suprises me and scared me
Then they sang Happy Birthday song veryy Loudly huhh
100% i have lied my them!!!
Nice experince and so Happy
What a really cute cupcakes haha
If have a chance i will post it here :DDDD

Also I got a little surprises from my mom and sis when I'm get back from school  while I'm at my room they open the door and sang Happy Birthday to me and it is a little cake in my sis's hand haha :D 
Its really touched me cause i had celebrate it when it is my chinese birthday and usually there is no birthday cake again

Haha Maybe i will sing Touch from Miss A cause today was a really Fantastic Day 

Really ThankYou Jesus that gave me a Lovely, Crazy .Best Friend
and i had a wonderfull Family in my life hihii :D

Yapp this is the best Birthday Surprises i ever got!!!!
5 Birthday cakes for this Year its came from my family, parents and friends
Super Thanks ^^

Wanna share some of my photo at Teddy Coffee :D

Soorryy for the bad quality its take from my iPad

Today's Selcas 

OFF bye bye wanna hangout with family ^^

once again ThankYou Jesus for todayy ^^


  1. You and your friends are so adorable cute..
    Happy Belated birthday anyway.. <3

    i'm following your blog. if you don't mind, i hope you can following mine too :)


    1. Hi thankyou
      yeahh I will following your blog back ^^

      @cindyanjells my twitter found me there

  2. happy belated birthday dear! best wishes! <3 :)

  3. GREAT LOOK <3
    very lovely dear
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back :)

    1. Holla Thankyou for the comment
      yeah iam following back your blog ^^


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