Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Touch of Floral

Second post this year 
in 10th of March hahaa
sorry guys for not updated this blog
I got lot of problem this few weeks , even months
Like many exam and homework
* Yes this is always complained by every student *
When i have a time i used it to read novel and watching K-dramas
too lazy to blog walking hehee

Then the important one is i just have a time to take a shoot of my outfits
by my sis's help .
since my sis didn't attend morning class again this year
it's a little hard to take shoot cause no one can help me.
In Sunday we have our own routine again and sometimes only we have to meet in dinner.

Kay, nothing to say again just enjoy the photos
that just taken this afternoon 
and I decided to post it now
Cause I will skip school tomorrow and get a week free from school start tuesday
so happy to the maxxx!
I need an abroad holiday please daddy , to upgrade my closet 
and freshen my mind

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