Thursday, September 8, 2011

Konnichiwa こんにちは^^

Oahhh very long time no to update, to busy haha. So today i just FREE and had time to open my lovely laptop back. I was distressed because the the lots of exams in this week, last Monday 1day 2exams Mandarin and PKN and then the Tuesday Geography ,and last yesterday  Wednesday 3 exams in one day (terrible) Physics, Economics and History it is very difficult lessons in one day . In fact at my school the rule of exams should not 3 kinds of lessons exams in one day, but just because did not have time anymore so forced. Very very veryy tired of the days just studying and learning but now I'm FREE because the exams are over haha and stay back as usual watching k-dramas and browsing keke.My next K-drama is Protect the boss hahaa played by Jaejong .Hopefully my test scores are notbad ya and not got red mark Amen..
so today just until here see ya
私は楽しい一日を願っています ^<

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