Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bean Pole

This is the bag that I like and have long been looking for it. First time I saw it on Miss A Suzy advertising promotional bags from Bean Pole and the drama in City Hunter played by Park Min Young and Lee Minho . In the drama Park Min Young usebags from Bean Pole that was interested me. Then I  google it to search where can I find it ? It's origin from Korea handbags and there is only on sale in online shops that are on facebook. But until today that online shop doesn't  provide the price and may be temporarily closed for the Lebaran holidays again so I can't afford it.
Apparently there is one online shop also sells it, I waited all day in front of the laptop to see when it will be uploaded the picture, from its owners say will be uploaded around in the afternoon I wait for 3hours and it is not uploaded as well. Then at 8 o'clock I read the status on my BBM, the owner told that the Lapalette and Bean Pole bag has been fully booked by others, Huhhh feels very angry. I Have been search it for 1 month 

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