Thursday, September 29, 2011

29 September 2011

Don't know what i have to post here
I hope i can be always be the best of all the best..
A tiny happy live in my heart cause i don't got any red mark in my raport
and I 'm satisfied with my mark better than ussual
today i got bored bored bored at my class
suckss! I can't say it in word again
I hate to see all of them in my class
looks like so disgusting peoplee
ok ok i'm angry now
but ....
one of my friend takes ther DSLR to class and keep photo the
 guys who want to move school to Bekasi
but the other one looks like never see that camera 
pose pose pose
the cake they used to play with the others
the price is 200.000,- its not cheap right?
but theynused to play dab in face
huhhh so disgusting to see them
ok until here 
see ya

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