Wednesday, September 14, 2011


All of this I browse from google
I don't know too why i'm so addicted with macarons and cupcakes haha
so today i browsing and save a lot of photo and edited it, if no edited it so much
can't be upload kekee

This macarons looks so crispy

oh right I forgot haha
in Medan has one online pastries shop who's selling cupcakes and macarons
i just ordered it for Monday
huhh can't waittt!!! ><
if you may order can check here
ok ok... i will upload it when it arrived
the Price????
1 dozen of macarons Rp.85.000,-
and 1/2 dozen of cupcakes Rp.80.000,-
haha so happy can't wait for my macarons and cupcakesss!


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