Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Gone

#YES Yesterday I have a mini shoot with my sister 
This " V Back Dress" I got from Mrs.Clothes and now has move to Cloth Inc
During their New Collection Giveaway at twitter and I won it...
You can check their Facebook fanpage here
I love their New collection " DE.BU.TE"
I will make an order soon

Yay at least 2 weeks We will Celebrate our Chinese New Year, Yihhaaa
I love CNY cause i can wear ALL of my new outfits kekkee :D
and sometimes at CNY i can go overseasss
O yeahh Have you ever hear GOWIGASA?
An Online Shop from Jessica Yamada and Elissa Yamada
The two gorgeous sister looks like a Japanese
Yah Gowigasa has launch their new collection and i have order it so now only wait for my packet knock my door Yuhuuu......
And yap here i took some of their pict for you hehe sorry Gowi...

I want to order this jacket before but it has been sold out maybe, Full Booked
Uhh I have seen some of like this leather jacket before
I fall with this brown colour  than black 
Looks so warm

This Dress is not their new item . But I love this dress
I want order this one before but my mom said i will not wore cause the lace fabrics 
can make me allergy  hehe:D

Then this photo i take from Elissa Yamada's facebook
* Hehehe Sorry*

AND Yihhaa 
Hehe I have almost been crazy this weeks, cause next Monday I 'll back to school
Ok just forget it and let's have fun this few days before back to routine


  1. awww cute !! i love your dress cindy. btw i have giveway may be you wanna join :)

    if you had a time check my blog :) good luck :D

    my first giveway

  2. You look so pretty dear ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. orange colour looks good on you!
    and your dog is so cute :D

    style frontier

  4. Hey, Cindy ^.^
    That orange dress is a nice color for you!
    And is that your dog in one of the pictures? You two should do photo-shoots together, you guys would look cute together since he/she has nice fur that compliments your skin-tone :)

  5. You look so adorable with this dress :) I like your haircut and you glasses so much :)

    Mind to follow each other?

  6. Hai all I was really happy for all your comments here really appreciated all of it
    holla @Karina I have follow your blog may you follow also? @cindyanjells my twitter follow me then i will followback also ^^
    @fhenny hai Thanks for your comments, he is Golden Retriever kind
    @RUI C Hey Rui ,thanks for your comments also hahhaa Yes i really love his fur too shiny like gold sometimes hihi :D
    Last @Bouquet de fleurs Hai your also so looks so amazing , Thanks for your comments ^^ I have follow your blog , mind to followback?
    If all of you have a twitter please follow me @cindyanjells mention follback or i'll automatically follow back my followers ^^
    Thanks all...


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