Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lady looks a like

Holla all today I make a quick post
Cause this week I;m so busy about my activities nor at home or at scholl
At School I have many homework to do and few of exams this week
At school I have to help my mom to bake a cake or some homemade cookies preparation for CNY 

All of you may know I also join Gowigasa 's Giveaway
so here is the post and an outfits about Gowigasa again ^^

I have two news comes this week
First the bad news is Yesterday i bring my phone to school
and the BK teacher come to my class and make a confiscation of our bag who has bring the CD or Mp3 , Novel Comics or Mobile Phone adn etc... something like electronic
So i can't help my self again ahaha don't know where's to hide my mobile phone 
And it will back with me at this April huhh
This few months i don't used my BB anymore --_--

second, the Good news come Finally I have my own Ipad2 haha
But it is the black one -__-
I don't want the white one cause my daddy have own it
Maybe we can swapped it sometimes hahaa
So i choose the black one ^^

This the original photo take from my camera haha I don't have a time to edit again 

I wear:  Collar Top from Bangkok
Lady Like Top from Gowigasa
Milk Choco Bag from Gowigasa
and Customized wedges


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog :) I love your gowigasa bag :)

  2. ;ove your milk bag from gowigasa :)

  3. @Sesilia Welcome too may you follow my blog? I have follow your blog ^^

    @claireta: Thkyou^^


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