Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Will Garage Sale/ GOWIGASA

Good Will Garage Sale 

Holla All today i post my outfit feat Gowigasa 's Tichi Top
" Countryside Chic" 
Gowigasa was an online shop own by two lovely sister Elissa and Jessica Yamada
Both of them like Japanese haha:D or  Tiffany and Jessica from SNSD, Korea Girlband
oyeahh They also have their own comic its talk about Girlband also hahaa
it is "Herts" 
Here's the Hearts is twitter page:!/HeartsID 
You can check it every Monday they launch the  next episode

Yapp I also take a part of Gowigasa's Birthday Giveaway
It ends at 22nd of February
 23rd of February is Gowigasa 's birthday and yes it's same date with CNY haha:D
Wish you lucky always owner and the shop ^^
I have post my 2looks wearing Gowigasa's goods to their fanpage at FB and Wish me luck to win their Goodie Bags yahh
at ElleandJess 's blog
Gowigasa's twitter:!/GOWIGASA
Gowigasa's shop website:

I wear:- Tichi top from Gowigasa 
-High waisted short from Gaudi 

Inner, Skull Top from Gaudi 
Outer: Tichi Top from Gowigasa
High waisted short from Gaudi

sssttt.. Here is the sneak peek/ my next post :

When my packaged arrived ^^


  1. You're so cute dear! I'm join a fan of Gowigasa too :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

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