Monday, October 24, 2011

Decimal Giveaway

Decimal is one of local brand shoes in Indonesia but they are very very popular of their comfy shoes
Don't know how to describe Decimal Shoes cause they just got very popular in Fashion Blogger world shoes collection
From: Anastasia , Claradevi, Veren , Elle Yamada ....<there are still many i still don't know who's also wear this Decimal shoes>
They are not only sell Wedges, but wedges is their popular items! 
They also sell flatshoes --> Flatshoes , or you may request your own shoes ---> Requestshoes 
ooopss if your shoes made by request they many good quality fabric you can choose check here---> Fabric
Or you are a BOOTILICIOUS ? you may check here---> Boot
Andd here is their own design shoes from DecimalShoes
They Shipped worldwide so don't afraid if you are not in Indonesia
ahhh they have a lot of unique wedges that i NEVER see OMG i fall in love with their Jasmine 
In this giveaway i choose Jasmine also 
WHY I choose this shoes?
First time i saw Jasmine in Veren Lee blogs haha i see how cute this wedges and it's match for me not too old and it looks so comfy to used!!! 
because i'm teenager only same as Veren but I'm older then her 1 old :D 
This is the UNIQUE wedges i have ever see and the price is not to expensive hehee :D 
Then i asked my mom to buy for me but ,when i check Decimal web and fb i got a little Surprised!!!! 
They have a giveaway and we also can choose what shoes we prefer love haha
This is excited me !!!! Did I have a chance to WIN???
so i participate this giveaway who knows i 'm the winner right? kekkee so i can get my Jasmine for FREE!!!! 

In their giveaway they have : 
oooppss their shoes Cindy same as my name hahaa maybe i will choose this shoes for my giveaway?
no no no...I still fall in love with my Jasmine!!! 

Here is some of testi or quote for Decimal from Fashion Blogger
"The extraordinary pink shoes, what do you think? I've already tried to walk on them last sunday and turned out they are comfortable and easy to wear for a day out too" - Anastasia Siantar (Fashion Blogger) 
Here is the cute pink wedges 

" A pair of  cool and super comfortable wedges from Decimal shoes. This wedges are one of my favourites because they have unique desain and good quality " - Veren Lee 

"It fits me perfectly and reflects such a smooth sweet vibrant footwear mood , not to forget how comfortable it is to wore the. I love my new shoes :) " - Claradevi Handriatmaja 
( Fashion Blogger)
"We really love the colors and design of the shoes because they are suitable for casual to semi-formal occasions. Psst they are also amazingly comfortable! Do check their collection, they have so many beautiful yet affordable shoes!" - Elle Yamada from Gowigasa (Fashion Blogger) 

Ok ok until here hahaa Wish me luck yeah guyss!!!!
For more information about the Giveaway you may check here--->

and here is their website or facebook:

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