Saturday, October 22, 2011


Guys so long i'm not here right? hehee
i have said it before i had a lot of exams and homeworkk
very tired uhhhh
last friday and thursday i fall in sick again
uhhh Jesus help me...
I can't not fit in this month cause i have many things to do...
heyy I just check my fb and found La Maison had a lot of new photo hahaa
 Stella is so talented girl
she knows how to make her cupcakes not same with the otherss
arghh I want to order it again!!!
I have many problems this week and i can't said it all in here
some of that i reallly forget about it and some of that i really memorizes it...
maybe i really had bad luck in this month
i broke my camera and now my BB was also broke
i want to cry some times to imagine my life
but sometimes i really happy and be grateful of my life
ohh right until here i think hehee
Please GOD help my exams I don't want to have any red mark for my second report test
and i hope my mark is better than the first one

ahhh I just remembered last week i went to Gramedia haha
and I buy a lot a lot of novels and Manhwa hahha
This is the list kekekke:
Idol Shopping vol 12( this the end of the story)
Idol's Love Story vol 6 and 7( ohhh my Lang land and her lovely brother , Ian)
Say Say Say vol 1-5( ahhaha last night i read all of them)
Gogirl Magazine
Kawanku Magazine
Belanglicious novel
and the last one 
The superstar daughter novelsss ^^

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