Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hmhmm yesterday i got a small fever hahaa
cause of last friday i get much os sweat in school and the saturday also so my mom said
i was tired of that
and until today morning i only stay in my bed
but now i'm really feel better haha
i couldn't not go to school tomorrow
cause i just 2 times every monday i not go to school hehe
i scared my teacher will call me -___-
now I just read my Idol love story vol 4 and 5
i asked my friend to buy the next 6 and 7 but in Gramedia it hasn't released huhh
and Secret vol 8 and ... Idol Shopping vol 12!!!
this is the end of Idol Shopping my favourite one!!!! 
ahh finally Ahul can received Seo ga yoon don't love her but his twins Song Yiee
ahhh how lovely isn't it??? 
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