Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just a little

Holla Folks 
How are you all?
Long time I'm not here right haha
Cause i don't have any topics to share here
and the bad ones i don't have any pictures to post -___-

Good news,my mom just back from Tibet hihii
so excited, Imangine live in home a weeks without mom is like in hell
no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner made by mom like usually 
but we still enjoy our meal, sometimes i made a spaghetti by myself in morning
then lunch my big sis usually take us to went out like go to Sun, or others Cafe/ mall
very horrible right? if no mom at home -___-
Yeahh almost all of my friend this holiday go holiday overseas
and most of them not going with their family on their vacation but with their best friend or classmate
Always wish this!! 
Hope my parents could attend me to take a trip with friends also huhhh ~~
Like going tp SG or KL is not bad laaa~~

ANDD unlucky me, my Bali trip was successfully cancelled
Damn! just stay at home and hangout with my sis almost everyday
can't go out with friends like i said most of them pulkam( pulang kampung) and overseas

My activities this holiday:
 just wake up every morning , take a shower, then go to gym or when it's early i take a yoga class also
after that do a little sport like tread mill and ended up with soak in my fav pool, jacuzzi my mom said it's good for my healhty

But thankfully God i have another big news that really make me happy and can’t wait for it again !!!* still secretly * :D
and it's will be happened in this August

Badd, my school will start at this 5th of July huhh
back to scholl again and have a different class with my bff 
cause most of them take a science class
I hope we meet a good teacher and a kind of new friends

Lastt, enjoy my tumblr please
It's about my Fashion Diaries
I post or reblog my fav Looks and trend 
i take the picture every where
Like Googled it, but almost all of them from LookBook

And don't forget if you have an Instgram account follow me @cindyhvk
i will follow back you ^^

Byebye all


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  1. i'm glad you're still having fun despite the cancellation of trip!



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