Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Activités Scolaires

I am in my school holiday as i thought before
Today's post is about my school activities again :D
this time is our madness at our class haha
maybe next post also, *cause i rarely post about my self *

Yaaa i have been really bored this holiday
last year holiday i went to BKK and SG
but this time no...
 i didn't got any ticket
all off the flight is really pricey in this holiday season -___-
before, my family discuss want go to Bali but yeahh its late for us to booking tickets and hotel
all of the Tour agent or Flight is FULL already, or if its available its only take us to Bali like Kuta square around, like 3 days or 4 days only we stayed at Bali 
I think its better not go then..

 This is our chibi version hhaa

All of this photo was taken when we are in last day at school

 Hahah my silly face, OMG i don't know when they are taken this photo
i remembered *maybe* i ate cah noodles and i bitten a chili and drink a water hahah
Then being this photos

 This time it's not our eights version chibi photos
but all off our class members!!

 OMG why do they always take my photos in silly face ? @@

Last this two girls's madness when in Lembur Kuring, our clas farewell party
*But I couldn't attend that day*
Hahaha look! at this 2 girls's sexyyy back
*Left one is Ivani, my mother at school*
*Right one is Jesseline, my ci peri*

Then bye bye all
see in the next post^^


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  2. nice post!

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  3. you all are so happy together :) followed you back! xx

  4. Tatally ove your shoes!

    Stay Pretty,

  5. seems you had a lot of fun w your classmates! i love your top and boots, you look adorable! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  6. Love your heart top! And your shoes are to die for :)

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  7. beautiful pictures! great outfit!!


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