Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bear Act

Bonjour folks!!
Hihiii.. I know i have missed here for 1 weeks cause i really really 
 don't have time to make a blog post
cause i had many test and homework to do.
Yess ! fianlly i have free time next week from Sunday till Thursday its HOLIDAY!!!

So far i have 2 discount voucher comes from Juice String and 13th shoes :D
really confused which one i want to purchased
i'm searching for Jeffrey Campbell Lita lookalike
any suggestion?
June+Julia, Juice String or 13th shoes is the best? :D :D

Now I'm really addicted with Hello to Myself song from DH2 ost
Together and We are B class hahaa i have replay this song for hundred times i think :P

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I wear: 
Tanktop: Mango
Loose shirt: from HK market
Tights: unbranded
Pants: unbranded
Studded flats: Bellagio
Bag: Lady Dior


  1. Love your pink bag... and the teddy bears are so cuteeee... =)

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  3. hi dear can you email me 1st
    i'll email you the recipe :)

    1. I have email you ci and Thankyou^^
      I will try it !!


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